create online store

Would you like to create an online store? If yes! Then I have choice for you. 

Amazon Web Store is web most popular online store where buyer and owner meet to each other. And a big number of affiliate partner are ready to promote products. As you have known that Amazon associate program so you need to worry more about traffic. Amazon web store provide you benefits pay as you go simply the best no long term make fee payment as per schedule. 

Web store one more plan that you can sell through you own website and Amazon also an extra benefits save money where you have to pay online transaction fee 1% if your choose Amazon web store plus your own website else 2% if you choose your own website  and $39.99 monthly recurring charges. Amazon web store facility available for US, UK and Germany resident only.

Today, in the internet fraud area there are many internet merchant who make fraud but Amazon is a name of trust worldwide, ship globally where you cannot saves a space for warehouse, save cost of full technology staff and  maintain your web store 24 hours from going website down. Providing solution for store building, marketing campaign, reach to a vast number of customers online, If you choose a web hosting provider you have choose web hosting package, purchase an shopping cart software and have to pay monthly package fees and limited number of bandwidth usage and disk space, excepts this you have pay extra charges on pay per click advertising network.

Web store building at Amazon is always an easy task just some simple steps you can follows set up an Amazon seller account decide budget pay initial payment, choose web store template, choice of domain name and get started.

create free online website

Create free online that helps you to show your profile on internet and increase visibility.

Facebook pages are mostly used by business owner to show their location.

Facebook pages are used for introduction and development of brand. Create a business page with Facebook is absolutely free. Major benefit to adding a business page is to show your latest brand and new products launched, store location on maps, major event that you are planning to launch.

Facebook business page is a place where fan can share idea such as complaint or suggestion and you get free customer to website.

Facebook pages comes with a Business name, place, location, maps and contact no.

create domain

Create domain name to build online presence.

Top level domain names are .com , .net  and .org and some people choose country specific domain name. me domain name popularity also increasing.

A domain name plays an important role in website traffic. Before creating a website or blog you must check the domain name very carefully. A short domain become memorize easily, type in browser fast, if domain name is contain any specific character or numerical digits can create problems in search engine optimization campaign.

A domain name convert in web address when website is created and domain has been mapped.

Domain name gives advantage in many forms such adsense for domain give money for website traffic, in case popular page has been deleted 301 redirect i.e. permanent redirect make website visitor to flow to desired website. 302 is a temporary forwarding used in when website gone under maintenance or construction web master can change traffic to website.

web hosting linux hosting blog hosting

Web hosting is a online internet service through this you can make presence online for yourself or your business. Web site is  accessible through a web server to world wide web. Many companies provide free and paid web hosting service. Free web hosting service contain few web data space, Google AdSense advertisement, and limited bandwidth. Paid web hosting plans offer many advantages disk space, self hosted blogs, revenue generating space and much more.

top solution for web hosting. provide web hosting service, word press hosting, open source hosting service, and eCommerce hosting.

Linux operating system based hosting make your word press blog easily install, and there are less chance to down grade of your website. Linux hosting is absolutely time saving, simple, easy and affordable. Linux server are available all the time. 

Blog hosting is a growing online marketing tool of content marketing company, where a company send frequent update of his products or ideas. A blogging require less technical skill. Blogging is need online market rising trend where Google keyword tool and Google trends helps a lot to web master and a good content strategy if written well , it gives a lots of search engine traffic. A good content maker makes a lots of money from blogging.